Not from the heart…

I was sitting in my car on a signal when I saw her. She was a little girl of the age of 8 or may be 9. She was walking towards a car.When she reached there and said something to the woman who was sitting in the passenger seat.

That woman got very angry and scolded the girl very badly.I understood that the girl was a beggar.She ran back to the pavement and stood there again.Quietly.

After a few seconds she turned around as if she knew that I was watching her. But she didn’t move. I understood she hesitated because of the scene just happened and she knew that I witnessed it.

When she didn’t come to me I called her by waving my hand. She was a little scared but she came.

Both of us didn’t say anything. I wanted to help her but instead of money I gave her a few pieces of chocolate sandwich from my daughter’s tiffin. She ran back without looking at me.

I knew that she was embarrassed of her situation. May be she started begging on the roads after a few months of her birth but she was not a beggar from the heart.

She was still not used to the insult which is some times very obvious in this profession and she was not ready to accept it. She had selfrespect but was not able to protect it.I truly hope that one day she will find courage to change her life in better way and live happily.

Ready to fly…

Once in a green forest, on a big pine tree there lived a small blue baby bird named Nicky with her mother. Nicky was a very naughty and brave bird. Although her flying wings were still growing Nicky will try everyday to fly away from her house. Her mother will stop her and remind her that she is not ready.

One day when Nicky was busy playing and her mother was away from home she saw a snake is climbing towards her . First Nicky got scared but then she gathered her courage and jumped. After falling down initially Nicky started to fly……..she kept on flying and landed safely on another tree.Nicky waited there a long time and then returned home  and found that snake has left empty handed. When her mother returned Nicky told her everything.

Nicky’s mother was very proud and knew that Nicky was ready to leave the house.
Next morning Nicky’s mother told her Nicky is ready to make a house on her own. Nicky was sad and happy at the same time. She knew that she will never see her mother again but in front of her there was a big open sky to fly and fly and fly. Nicky was very happy.

Happy to be plucked…

A very hardworking farmer family had a farm once on which they grew cotton. Crop was so good this year as well and cotton flowers were blooming and they were totally ready to be plucked.

But one nice sunny day two plants started to talk about their future. After a long discussion about what is going to happen to their flowers they decided that they have to see it themselves and started walking towards the cotton mill. After entering the mill they saw that after cleaning, sourcing,bleaching,rinsing and drying their cotton came out as a very soft and clean fiber and realized that this fiber can help people in healing ,can keep them warm and make their life more comfortable and soft.

They had no doubt left and were so proud that they returned to their field immediately and stood there with their heads high waiting and ready to be plucked….

Gold Of Life…

Dream of my life…my restaurant has been doing well for the past many years..I was on the top of the world when it started performing. It kept on doing well and gave me reason to live until that fancy thing around the corner gave me cut throat competition and my bankers made it impossible for me to go on.

I was always completely  sure about this dream of my life…But now I am not.

Should I continue or should I stop. I don’t even know how long I can fight like this.

After one more usual and busted day  I came back home and started removing my coat, a vase with two days old flowers got my attention. I started to pull them out so I can throw them away but a tiny bud came to my notice. It was alive.

I don’t know why but I left the dead flowers and live bud in the vase and went to sleep thinking that I will throw them in the morning.

Next morning I checked that bud again and what I saw was magical.. even though it had been cut off a long time back,even though its family and friends had already left, it was still blooming.

It was a tiny flower…it changed its direction to get a hint of sunlight…it tried hard to bloom maybe hardly for few hours but it tried.

This is the gold of life…though it’s a hard struggle to put up everyday but day after day you realize that when you live with a little more hope then every thing glows and give shine to your efforts and inspires you to continue.