Ready to fly…

Once in a green forest, on a big pine tree there lived a small blue baby bird named Nicky with her mother. Nicky was a very naughty and brave bird. Although her flying wings were still growing Nicky will try everyday to fly away from her house. Her mother will stop her and remind her that she is not ready.

One day when Nicky was busy playing and her mother was away from home she saw a snake is climbing towards her . First Nicky got scared but then she gathered her courage and jumped. After falling down initially Nicky started to fly……..she kept on flying and landed safely on another tree.Nicky waited there a long time and then returned home  and found that snake has left empty handed. When her mother returned Nicky told her everything.

Nicky’s mother was very proud and knew that Nicky was ready to leave the house.
Next morning Nicky’s mother told her Nicky is ready to make a house on her own. Nicky was sad and happy at the same time. She knew that she will never see her mother again but in front of her there was a big open sky to fly and fly and fly. Nicky was very happy.


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