Source of Light….

My bitter past, slashed, the light around me like a sharp blade. Without the light it was impossible to find the right way. Everything fell apart in a blink and I forgot to breath. Stared the horizon for a long time and tried to suck some air into my body. My lungs started burning because of the effort and I knew that the end was near. But still I didn’t want to give up. I crawled forward and kept on going. Don’t remember how long it took, but, on some turn I found light.

I looked for the source of the light and realized that the light was coming from my hands. The heat in my  palms, generated that light and the struggle I put in crawling generated the heat.


Paying proper attention….

The other day I was sitting in the park, waiting for my daughter to finish her game which she was playing with her friends. All the people around me looked happy and relaxed. Few were talking, few were taking a stroll and few were with their kids. I was sitting alone when a child came and asked me if I could give him something to eat. For few moments I thought that he was trying to play some game with me, for he looked from a good family and well cared but he was actually asking for food. I live in a very good society where beggars are not allowed. I was still trying to understand the situation when his mother came running and apologized on his behalf and told me that recently, in his school his teacher taught him about lord Buddha and his ways of finding happiness.She also informed me that since the time her son learned about how lord Buddha used to collect his food, her son has started trying to do the same. Seeing his mother embarrassed because of his actions that boy got slightly irritated and spoke to both of us at the same time, “mother! why are you saying sorry? you only told me that I should learn carefully whatever teacher tells us. Our teacher told all of us that lord Buddha used to beg for his food and I want to do the same because I admire lord Buddha a lot”. Me and his mother looked at each other and then looked at him helplessly.We both were speechless for few moments. To break the awkward silence I cleared my throat and said, ” It’s nice to know that our kids pay proper attention in class”.

Kid’s mother looked as if I slapped her very hard. I uttered few words of goodbye to both of them and started walking in my daughter’s direction. On the way I prayed to God that  my daughter should pay less attention in the class.