When Summer God Wanted A Break From Work…..

summer god 3

Day was bright because of the glowing sun in the sky, a warm breeze was brushing soothingly the whole earth and new life was stepping into the world, when our summer god, sat down heavily on the ground and thought about his life.He was the God of the Summer, it does not matter what era it was, what year it was, or what month it was, he needed to work at all times. It’s been forever since the responsibility of protecting new life from the cold fell on the his powerful and reliable shoulders. He looked around and found, that everyone was relaxed and enjoying the weather in the security of heat.
Summer God took a deep breath, closed his eyes and imagined himself in place where music was flowing in air, lots of his friends were laughing with him and he was also laughing with them because, he was not working. Suddenly Summer God got up with a jolt and sat straight. He knew what was missing from his life.
“That’s it. That’s what I need and that’s what I deserve, after such a long and hard working always busy life. A vacation. I am going for  a vacation.” Summer God spoke loudly and jumped to his feet. He looked at the sky and said,”I want to talk to you.” nothing happened for few minutes and he was even more loud this time, “helloo I understand that you are even more busy than me but it’s really important.” he heaved a sign of impatient and paced the ground.
Someplace, very fa,r Father heard his son and smiled.Father decided to make his son wait for some time and kept working. He will surely go to meet his son and talk to him, but, he needed time to think about how to keep everything in order with out hurting his own son.
It was a little too hot, when Father landed on the ground. Oh how he loves his Son’s anger, which has increased the temperature of the surroundings and intensity of the situation.
Summer God didn’t have to look to realize that Father has came. It was reflecting in everything. Peace and Beauty, these were the effects of his Father’s presence which was reflecting a little more in everything now. Summer God turned and looked into his father’s eyes. The authority in his father’s eyes told him that it was a meeting between Superior and Junior.
“You asked for me Son! I apologize for my tardiness but  I was rather, busy” unmistakable gleam in his eyes told Summer God that Father had something in his mind and that was definitely going to impact his upcoming request. He spoke nonetheless.
“Hello Father! It’s been long time since we met. I welcome you here and wanted you to grant me a very little wish.” Father smiled and said, “Hello son! you look very well. I am really happy to see you. Now please tell me what is it you want?”
“Father I am your son and your junior as well. I have worked my entire life to make world a better place to live but for the past few days, I am feeling very tired. I wanted to take your permission to go for a short break. I promise you, that I will leave everything in a very good condition and will come back very soon” Summer God added with a hurry in his voice and finished talking.
Father was so quite for a very long time, that for few moments, Summer God thought that, was he actually there or was he imagining him? Then finally with a divine calm in his voice Father spoke, “Son can you come for a walk with me. It’s been long time since we have spend quality time together. After this small walk you can go for a break.” Summer God could not believe of what he had just heard. His Father had given him permission to go for a break. Wow! he was going to have a great time.
He was so lost in his thoughts, that for few moments he didn’t realize that Father was calling him to start walking. He moved towards Father but Father stopped him by raising his hand, “Although !I have a small condition before we start this walk.” Summer God knew that this all was too easy and too fast to be true. “Please tell me Father what can I do?” Summer God asked.
“I want your full attention ,when we go for a walk. No distractions and no work. Tell me now if you have any objection.” Summer God nodded in agreement and started walking. Father was talking about many things. Few times Summer God felt as if someone was calling him for help but he had promised Father that he will pay full attention. He tried to ignore the plea of help, but it was getting stronger and stronger. Sumner God felt restless and unsure. Finally Father announced that it was the time to go back.
They came back from where they started and what, Summer God saw there, almost made him cry. Flower petals were vibrant and silky before the walk, now looked like ash. Small babies of many birds were shivering on the ground because of unbearable cold. Their parents tried to cover them with their wings, but they didn’t have any heat left to provide. Breeze was icy cold and everyone was calling him for help. Entire world turned blue and grey in such a short time. He just went for a walk. This was unbearable. This life was precious. He worked hard to protect this life. How can it end so fast? Suddenly he felt a warm touch on his shoulder. He looked up, Father smiled at him and said, “Go my son! save them. You still have power to save them from their pain. Go!”
Summer Go didn’t waste any more time and took everything into his embrace. slowly heat reached to everything and life started returning. But summer God didn’t let go. He was not sure, he was not ready to let go.
” I am leaving son and giving you permission for a break. Now it’s your choice, what you want to do. One last thing I want to say, is that we Gods don’t have a choice. We can’t choose the way we want to live our life. It has already been decided. We are not as lucky as humans. Humans can choose the way they want to live their life but we can’t. For them nothing is impossible but for us only few things are possible. He stopped for a moment and said again, “but, I want to grant you a wish for your hard work, you have done your entire life. In the month of March, when a new season starts, you can arrive a little late or a little early as per your wish. Summer will start whenever you choose to come.”

Summer God knew that Father had left and he also knew that he was not going for a break. He didn’t want to go for a break. He was happy and peaceful where he was. Although this March he will take some rest before starting a new season of summer. May be next year also or may be not. Who knows?

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