I Love Doing Nothing..


As I introspect and think what I like doing most with my time, I always end up with one thought….nothing. Yes..my answer would be nothing. Just sitting idle in any corner where the ambience is pleasant and no one is disturbing me until I welcome the intrusion. I am one of those most lucky people who realised very early what they want to do or in my case, not to do with their life. My parents realised it too as they tried very hard to mould me into a more socially fit person for my entire time with them.

I was born and brought up in a very conservative small town of north india, being a girl was a nuisance enough, being a person completely useless without any meaningful (social) aspirations in life at all, was a cherry on the top. Although everyone around me tried to teach me one or the other thing to make my life better(without giving it a thought either I wanted it or not), the only teacher from whom I learned most was the journey of my life. I don’t know about anyone else but I have to call it a miracle how a person’s perspective about almost everything changes with growing age and different experiences of facing new things and meeting new people over the time period. Exposing yourself to a new place is also very nutritious soul food. You live a little bit more lively when your soul is well fed.

Nowadays, happiness comes to me easily because finally, I have successfully implemented my all time funda to my practical life. I do nothing, and if I do something its comes from my heart and not from my brain or from anyone else’s brain for a change.  With some practice I have become better at controlling my fears and insecurities by restricting my conscience to ponder over my past or my future.When I look around I find that these are the most troubling part of most people’s life. Most people are happy and content today but they have got great memory and when it comes to bad memories their brain works like any super computer. They are great planners as well. They plan so many things and as per one and only universal truth – ‘control is only an illusion‘. Naturally, they have no control how things turn up with time. It makes them sad when they find it difficult to achieve all of their goals in a particular time period also decided by them only.

My funda- don’t go after anything….just wait. Whatever is out there in the universe for you, will come and get you. Meanwhile do nothing and if you have to do, do what you like. Few people might find it a very lame excuse to stay lazy but it completely works for me. Now I just walk the path with my desired speed, taking as many breaks as I like (which are sometimes very long BTW) and everything else happens on its own. Truly, its not about reaching the destination but walking the path.

Here is the last thing. Stop worrying and planning and thinking and preparing. Just start WALKING..at the same time doing nothing.


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