Its Called Brain Train


First of all I want to clarify that I am not talking about women empowerment. God only knows that there are more then enough people already talking about it…Below I am mentioning an old or should I say an ancient Indian saying..

        “Dhor, Ganwar, Shoodra, Pashu, Nari
Sakal Tadan Ke Adhikari”

Meaning…Foolish, Barbarian, Scheduled caste, Animals and Women (First Line), these all deserve to be tortured (second Line). Now now, don’t get alarmed, as its not something thats happening right now as far as I can see. People became very progressive long back and are trying to treat everyone and everything in a much better way compared to older times.

I can even prove it. When I was young my father used to repeat this saying in a funny way. He would say,”Once a man told this saying to a woman but the woman was very smart. She said in return that I am Nari here and the rest four are you. So who deserve more thrashing?” Then my father added, “slowly men stopped saying this as it was evidently clear that they were in more danger than all the other the four mentioned in the saying. We both laughed a lot on this.

But still, there are few things which we absorb our entire life mostly, from our society without even knowing that we are actually doing so. I call it ‘Brain Train’. Small and big things continuously happen around us. In our family, in our neighbourhood and in our work place. People say and do many things everyday. Although we feel that we are a unique person and there is no one like us, still we follow.

I don’t know why I want to mention it here but once I was talking to one of my old relative. She got married at a very young age of 17. Without any knowledge of basically anything (as there was no internet back then). Her husband, although loved her very much but still there were times when he showed her how bad he can be. My old relative belonged to a not so well to do family and her husband made her feel really bad about this many times. She was only sister of 8 brothers and they all were very fond of her and she was of them. Whenever she had to listen to something bad about her family, her sorrow was heart breaking.

Point is, he knew about her family before marriage. Then why did he hurt her so badly for something which he accepted in the beginning of their relationship. My guess is, because of ‘Brain Train’. Both men and women in society are deeply train to hold an imaginary place in their households and in their society also. Men  (mostly) are self declared supreme boss of the house, doesn’t matter what actual power or eligibility they hold to get that kind of position and women are their followers. If a women try to defy men in any way, she would be shown her place right away. And the worst part is that she will accept it happily as she had been trained to do so her entire life.

Few days back I was listening to the radio. A very young working girl, speaking fluently in many languages on a public platform, was asking a love mentor to provide her with a solution of her problem. The problem was like this – she promised her In-Laws before marriage that she will give up non-veg food after marriage but she wasn’t able to do so as she was a die hard fan of all type of meat. Again, I am not talking about women empowerment here but why was she asked to do the same in the first place and the bigger question here is, why did she agree? What she was discussing that day – she ate chicken in her office and her MIL found a bone in her tiffin. Weird. She was hassled enough to look for an advice on a public platform from a person completely unknown to her.

Wow, thats why they say that a human’s brain is the most powerful tool of them all. My old relative comes from an older generation and this girl comes from a younger generation but the point to be noticed here is, they both had been gone through the same brain training for their entire life. That’s how the result was same.

When I started writing this story I was unsure of the ending, I still am. So, I will leave it by putting down only one thing. Even a tiger dances on two legs when its training tune plays loudly and the ring master commands with a hunter in hand.


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