Working Hard Was Never The Lesson….

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In our ancient time, people had a very clear routine and the outcomes of their activities were very definite and predictable. Nowadays it is not the case.

Long long time ago we had ancestors who knew very little about anything but hunting. Our ancestors were great hunters. They would get up in the morning, divide themselves into groups and go out hunting. Giving up was not an option as everyone’s life depended upon the food they gathered by killing gigantic and dangerous animals. So, they had only one mantra. Keep trying until enough food is gathered. After getting what they were supposed to get, they would return home…enjoy their meal with their families and won’t be worrying about the future as they knew that their future was in their hands and didn’t depend on the sad story of someone else’s life who suddenly decided to take revenge of all the bad things happened in one’s life done by people who may be long dead. Our ancestors, given, that they tried fair, they could keep everyone in their families well fed.

And then we evolved.

We stopped hunting animals and started hunting careers. The only difference is that career hunting is a lot more difficult than animal hunting. Hunting animals was a job of skills, practices, teamwork, focus and most importantly timing. More refined your skills were, the more you practiced and gained experience, your job would become easy and there will fewer chances for you to get killed during the hunt. One had to work as per the plan with one’s teammate without losing concentration and result would be juicy meet with lots of protein for many days and if the prey was a mammoth that may be many weeks. No offense for all the animal lovers here.

But, nowadays, even if you take care of all and every above-mentioned point (can’t ignore that there were so many of them even then) in your work life, there is no guarantee that your life would be stress-free or peaceful. Few days of less energy or less zeal or something else you never knew could be possible in professional life atmosphere(such as your senior telling you in your evaluation that your walk is so lethargic and you don’t look energetic enough to take on the world, whatever..) and you would be facing the wrath of the guardians of the most sacred religion of modern time which all companies follow today and we know it as giving your two hundred percent to your work and never say no if you want to survive.

You would be forced to acknowledge that it’s not you who deserve this opportunity but it is your seniors’ great hearts that they have chosen you for such a great world-altering once in a lifetime event. Either you start giving your two hundred percent again or you shall be on all the job-hunting sites for the next few whole nights looking for an even shittier job.

Like few very intelligent people say, if you want to move on, you need to stop wandering into your past. Same wisdom would be applicable here by people who don’t even follow any spiritual leader. No appreciation or gratitude for past work and achievements would be shown. Your boss would make it his or her personal yoga for stress release to beat you into the best employee of the company(being responsible for you…not to forget personally). In other words, he or she would be after you all the times, even in your dreams, coaxing you to do better. Of course, our seniors want best for us. We are just not supposed to whine(although one can die to try) and if you feel like a dead person after all this life-changing learning process, you should realize how lucky you are to get opportunities people can’t even dream about most of the time(trust me its a lie they tell to everyone while they assign the same kind of work to all). You learned from the experience and use these lessons further in after-death or in next life by making some of your junior’s life hell in a way you feel fit.

Giving you examples of some spineless creature who continuously licks boots of every senior for the sake of staying at the so-called safe side of the thing, wherever it may be, is the next best thing you would hear every day. How lucky we are to have such a healthy competition. Endless working hours without any breaks, giving your hundred percent, undivided attention, no personal life and still always cheery. Still not enough to keep you well fed even for the next few days if you are slowing down a bit because your girlfriend just cheated on you with your best friend(come on, its life…these things happen). You will out on the streets with no work in no time.

Hold your breath as the best out of it yet to come. They shall convince you in very few words that you don’t deserve the benefits of such a great opportunity. You are not good enough. You will believe them as many things were expected from you and you were not responsible enough(worthless).

So..the whole funda of this cynical tirade is basically, we are not built to work like this. Meaning we enjoy our free time as much as our work time. So when we work like a machine for a long time something inside us breaks and our ancestors come back to life. We want to live like them again and work only as much as it is necessary to fulfill our daily needs only for the next few days and not for the next many years to come. Our ancient genes start telling us that you don’t need to work anymore as you have already gathered enough food to keep the family well fed for the next few days.

But our modern work culture says otherwise. Don’t stop working ever. Keep learning(even when God himself tells that there is nothing remaining to learn), keep pounding at every task (even if you are not a monkey in a circus), always look forward for extra responsibility(as if you are the father of the house full of two dozen kids) and last but not the least, keep the seniors always entertained(as if you are a snake charmer). Learn all the above-mentioned tricks and you will be on the top of your game(if it’s there somewhere).

Some of us, no doubt has adapted well to the new work culture but few of us are still in struggling phase. These people stop working the moment they realize that they have done enough for the day and they don’t even do it intentionally. They are just not into it.

The rules of hunting have been changed but we haven’t evolved completely yet as per the changed rules. Few things of post-evolution are yet to be learned by many of us because for few of us working hard was never the lesson.

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