Gold Of Life…

Dream of my life…my restaurant has been doing well for the past many years..I was on the top of the world when it started performing. It kept on doing well and gave me reason to live until that fancy thing around the corner gave me cut throat competition and my bankers made it impossible for me to go on.

I was always completely  sure about this dream of my life…But now I am not.

Should I continue or should I stop. I don’t even know how long I can fight like this.

After one more usual and busted day  I came back home and started removing my coat, a vase with two days old flowers got my attention. I started to pull them out so I can throw them away but a tiny bud came to my notice. It was alive.

I don’t know why but I left the dead flowers and live bud in the vase and went to sleep thinking that I will throw them in the morning.

Next morning I checked that bud again and what I saw was magical.. even though it had been cut off a long time back,even though its family and friends had already left, it was still blooming.

It was a tiny flower…it changed its direction to get a hint of sunlight…it tried hard to bloom maybe hardly for few hours but it tried.

This is the gold of life…though it’s a hard struggle to put up everyday but day after day you realize that when you live with a little more hope then every thing glows and give shine to your efforts and inspires you to continue.